Coming Next Week – We can’t wait! Seamus Inspires New Tale

WASHINGTON — The tale has inspired ample political commentary, and more than a few columns for the New York TimesGail Collins. Now, the story of Mitt Romney’s former dog Seamus could start becoming a profit-maker.

A new book, “Dog on the Roof! On the Road with Mitt and the Mutt,” is being released next month by the reputable publisher Simon and Schuster.

The book depicts the Romney family — using early photos of Mitt, his wife, Ann, and their five boys — crammed into a station wagon with a dog atop it. The family is shown driving to cities around the country as the authors use sing-song verse to lampoon Romney’s positions on immigration, gay rights, his ties to Wall Street — and the fact that he once drove to Canada with his dog in a container on top of the car.

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Profiles in Greed Part 2- More Billionaires Back Romney

Restore Our Future’s monthly report , filed May 20, shows that four new billionaires names have decided to support the Romney backing Super Pac.

Mitt’s latest billionaire backers?

Vulture Capitalist Wilbur Ross $100,000

Oil and Gas Tycoon  Harold Hamm $985,000

The Limited clothing chain’s Leslie Wexner  – $250,000

United Refining Oil Company’s John Catsimatidis, also of Gristedes supermarkets, who gave $50,000.

They liked  George W. Bush’s compassionate conservatism, now they’re betting on  Mean Mitt’s Severe Conservatism…

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Profiles in Greed – Mean Mitt’s Billionaire Backers

Mean Mitt Bonds with Billionaire Buddies

 Meet Mean Mitt Billionaire Backers: Sheldon Adelson

“…shares of Las Vegas Sands have climbed more than 3,700 percent from 2008 lows, and Forbes reports he is the nation’s eighth wealthiest man worth an estimated $21.5 billion. His casino empire extends across the United States and Southeast Asia, and the company’s annual report shows more than $9.4 billion in revenues in 2011.

The Las Vegas Sands Corp. has been under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice for more than a year on possible charges of bribing foreign officials. A former executive’s 2010 wrongful-termination lawsuit also alleges that Las Vegas Sands Corp. was involved with Chinese organized crime groups.”

ABC NEWS: Watchdog: Mob Ties at Chinese Casinos Owned by US Firms?

The New Yorker: A multibillionaire’s relentless quest for global influence.

Total 2012 contributions to super PACs: $26.5 million*

$7.5 million to Winning Our Future

$12.5 million from wife Miriam to Winning Our Future

$1.5 million from a daughter, two stepdaughters and one stepdaughter’s husband to Winning Our Future

$5 million to the Congressional Leadership Fund

Notable federal hard money and 527 contributions:

More than $320,000 to the Republican National State Elections Committee

Notable state-level contributions (see here [4]):

$390,000 to the California Republican Party (2010)

$100,000 to Coloradans Against A Really Stupid Idea (2004)

Corporate ownership: Controlling interest, Las Vegas Sands Corp. [5]

Subsidiaries: Sands China Ltd., Venetian Macau Ltd.

Total spent on federal lobbying (2007-2011): $1.2 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics [6]

Lobbying issues: Gambling and casinos, labor and workplace issues, trade, travel and tourism restrictions, taxes, banking, aviation.

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Mitt is Mean’s Brad Bannon: Obama Has Right to Question Romney Business Credentials

Obama Has a Right to Question Romney’s Business Credentials – Brad Bannon

Karl Rove believes the best way to damage a candidacy is to undermine the candidate’s strength. Mitt Romney is running as the guy with the experience to fix the economy. Making the sale against the bully from Bain is the best way to undermine Romney’s campaign. Democrats learned this lesson the hard way in 2004 when the Swift Boat Veterans destroyed the military credentials that were a big part of Jon Kerry’s campaign.

Voters don’t want a cold, calculating corporate CEO running the economy. Like a lot of other “corporate vultures” (Rick Perry’s words), Mitt made a mint shutting down companies, laying off hard-working employees, and sending American jobs to other countries. America needs more jobs, not fewer of them.

Mitt Romney’s version of cold-blooded capitalism won’t fly with the working families who are teetering at the edge of economic oblivion after decades of downsizing and income stagnation. A few guys like Romney and his banker buddies on Wall Street made fortunes as corporate pirates while worker productivity increased and wages declined. Americans won’t buy the Romney model as a way to fix an ailing economy.

While I’m on the subject, I disagree with Cory Booker’s critique of the validity of the issue. Romney’s record at Bain is fair game. He is running on his record as businessman. Americans have the right to hear the evidence and judge for themselves whether the Bain capitalist helped or hurt the economy while he ran the company.

via Obama Has a Right to Question Romney’s Business Credentials | Debate Club | US News Opinion.

There is something that we and Rick Perry agree on…

There is something that we and Rick Perry agree on.

Mean Mitt is a “corporate vulture.”

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Brad Bannon Blasts Bain Bully on Leslie Marshall Show.


We don’t have Wall Street CEOs writing us $5 or $10 million checks!

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Americans Don’t Like Mitt Romney or other Bullies

Mitt the menace.

That’s the image that emerged of a high-school-aged Mitt Romney from a Washington Post article this week that recounted allegations of his mean and even violent behavior as a prep school student in Michigan.

The allegations include shouting “atta girl!” when a “closeted gay student” spoke out in class and walking a blind teacher into a closed door after which Romney is reported to have “giggled hysterically.”

“A 2010 CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll found that 77 percent of Americans

believed that bullying is a “serious problem that adults should try and stop whenever possible.”

But nothing is more disturbing than an alleged attack on John Lauber, “a soft-spoken new student one year behind Romney” who “was perpetually teased for his nonconformity and presumed homosexuality.”

Lauber bleached his hair, which apparently “incensed” Romney.

Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 056

Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 056 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So one day Romney reportedly led a “posse” of other boys “shouting about their plan to cut Lauber’s hair.” According to the article, the boys came upon Lauber, “tackled him and pinned him to the ground. As Lauber, his eyes filling with tears, screamed for help, Romney repeatedly clipped his hair with a pair of scissors.”

One of the boys involved described Lauber as “terrified.” Another schoolmate said that Lauber was “just easy pickin’s.” Another called the incident “vicious.”

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Meow – Today’s Treat

Mitt is a mean dude.

You and I know it, but most people don’t know what he did to poor Seamus, and you know what?

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