Will You Help?

Will you help educate the voters who will win this for President Obama?

Mitt is Mean PAC is the only political organization that has been endorsed by Dogs Against Romney that is legally able to spend money to do voter outreach.

Our mission is to educate the 8 million pet owning undecided swing state swing voters by means of effective advertising and voter contact.

The PR around the Seamus issue has been great, but still hasn’t broken through to non-political junkies.

Most people still haven’t heard about this and won’t unless we run a very targeted campaign to educate them.

We can’t do this with out money, and we have no billionaire backers. We only have you. 

Please chip in $3 0r $5 if you can to help get the message out to pet owning swing voters


–Seamus Brigade Action Alert: Henry Kissinger to Host Fundraiser for Mitt Romney (R-Animal Abuser), Stamford, CT 7/12/12

Mitt is Mean SuperPAC Seamus Brigade Action Alert

Henry Kissinger To Host  Fundraiser For Mitt Romney (R-Animal Abuser) In Stamford, CT

“Please respond to FiFi! This is not a joke!”

  • What: Fundraiser for Mitt Romney (R-Animal Abuser)
  • When: Thursday, July 12, 5:30p.m.
  • For more info, or if you want to volunteer or plan to attend, please email us info@mittismean.org
  • If you aren’t able to make, please consider a donation to support our effort to reach the  8 Million pet owning swing voters in 10 battleground states who will provide the 3% firewall in the battleground states.

Formed to bring attention to the presumptive Republican presidential candidate’s history of cruelty and nefarious behavior, the Mitt Is Mean Super PAC was launched this spring and has been embraced by pet lovers around the country who find the infamous story of Romney’s treatment of his dog, Seamus, intolerable and unforgettable.

In 1983, the Romney family took a 12-hour drive from their home in Massachusetts to a vacation spot in Canada with their late Irish setter contained in a crate strapped to the roof of the family car. As the story goes, Seamus experienced a bout with diarrhea during the voyage and was subsequently hosed down by Romney at a gas station.

Of the many groups supporting the Mitt Is Mean Super PAC is the online group Dogs Against Romney, whose founder, Scott Crider, offered a ringing endorsement. “Dogs against Romney is a pack, not a PAC” Crider says. “Our members are eager to do more and need a PAC they can support. I decided to get behind Mitt is Mean because the group has been working around the clock to focus attention on Romney’s cruel indifference to people and pets. If he treated his family dog that way how do you think he’ll treat people he doesn’t know.”

Mitt Is Mean will continue to bring attention to the cruelty of Romney, and the GOP Mean Machine’s Corporations Are People agenda throughout the 2012 election cycle by mobilizing the 8 million pet owning swing voters in 10 battleground states. Stay tuned by visiting http://www.mittismean.org.

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We don’t have Wall Street CEOs writing us $5 or $10 million checks!

Please consider contributing…

Every $5 or $15 or $25 help ensure Mitt’s defeat

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We don’t have Wall Street CEOs writing us $5 or $10 million checks!

Please consider contributing…

Every $5 or $15 or $25 help ensure Mitt’s defeat

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We don’t have Wall Street CEOs writing us $5 or $10 million checks!

Please consider contributing…

Every $5 or $15 or $25 help ensure Mitt’s defeat

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