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Mitt is Mean PAC is the only political organization that has been endorsed by Dogs Against Romney that is legally able to spend money to do voter outreach.

Our mission is to educate the 8 million pet owning undecided swing state swing voters by means of effective advertising and voter contact.

The PR around the Seamus issue has been great, but still hasn’t broken through to non-political junkies.

Most people still haven’t heard about this and won’t unless we run a very targeted campaign to educate them.

We can’t do this with out money, and we have no billionaire backers. We only have you. 

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Mean Mitt: Women & Children Last

As if we needed any more proof that Mitt Romney is bad for American pets, American families. and American jobs, senior Romney Advisor Eric Fehnrstrom makes clear that Romney stands with the extremist, ultra-conservative, GOP Mean Machine and their “women and children last” agenda.

Says Fehnrstrom of boss Mitt “He’s for the Ryan plan. He believes it goes in the right direction. … At least the Paul Ryan plan puts us on a path toward a balanced budget. It gets those annual deficits down, in a way that this president has been unable to do.’

The problem with that?

The Ryan plan will cut taxes on millionaires and billionaires, add trillions to the debt, and cut federal funding for prenatal care, school lunches and health insurance for children, and make huge cuts to food stamps, low-income housingPell Grants and aid to women and children.

 What’s more, over the next decade, he would cut more than $700 billion from Medicaid and convert the program into an underfunded block grant to the states.

The Ryan budget provide millionaires with an additional $265,000 in tax breaks, in addition to the $129,000from the Bush tax cuts.

The Bottom Line:

Taxes  go down for the millionaires and billionaires funding Mean Mitt’s campaign and the GOP Mean Machine political operations, and go up for ours and our neighbors families.

via Seriously, Romney Isn’t a Moderate.



Boston, MA-Today the U.S. House of Representatives approved a budget that shows just how mean Mitt Romney and his Republican budget buddies are.  The Ryan budget, named after Romney’s budget buddy, Representative Paul Ryan cuts spending on food stamps, Medicaid and child tax credits in order to maintain tax breaks for bankers and billionaires. Bob McDevitt, a senior adviser to the superPAC Mitt is Mean said the House budget is just another attempt by Mitt Romney and the GOP Mean Machine to brutalize working families, women and children in particular. It’s not a very nice way for the GOP to honor mothers just before Mother’s Day”.

The GOP budget also maintains military spending even with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan winding down. Brad Bannon, the spokesman for Mitt is Mean said the Romney/Ryan budget is a cruel, callous and calculated effort by Republicans to balance the budget on the backs of women and children without ending corporate welfare for oil companies and defense contractors.”

The GOP Mean Machine Budget not Child Friendly

Top Dem: Republican Budget Will ‘Haunt’ Mitt Romney

Monday night, the House Budget Committee passed a “Sequester Replacement Act,” which would cut roughly $380 billion, mostly from programs like food stamps, child tax credits, and Medicaid, in order to forestall scheduled cuts in defense spending. You will recall that the defense cuts came as a result of the failure of the so called super committee which was supposed to come up with a long-term deficit plan.

Democrats are, correctly, pressing the argument that the GOP budget favors the rich and moneyed interests over the middle class.

“That’s going to be a powerful argument that the president can make—after all Mitt Romney has said that the House Republican budget is—quote—’wonderful,’ and I think that that’s going to come back to haunt him,” Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the ranking Democrat on the Budget Committee, told reporters Tuesday morning. Van Hollen was very careful how he framed the argument, making sure to talk about it in terms of the middle class rather than the poor—in other words setting it up as an appeal to swing voters rather than something which could inspire ire from them over the freeloading poor.

via Top Dem: Republican Budget Will ‘Haunt’ Mitt Romney – Robert Schlesinger (usnews.com).

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