Wednesday Woof – Great Pic!


Meow – Today’s Treat

Mitt is a mean dude.

You and I know it, but most people don’t know what he did to poor Seamus, and you know what?

The folks that do will have a huge. impact on this election.

Independent and undecided PET OWNING voters will make up several million voters in the battleground states.

To pet owners and lovers, putting a dog on the roof of a car for 12 hours is no laughing matter.

Our current goal is  100 people giving just $17.99 a month – the price of a bag of kibble.

Will you help defeat Mitt Romney and the rightwingers??

Please join in playing a crucial role in President Obama’s reelection – spread the word about Mitt is Mean.

Even if it’s only $25, $50 or $125 or $18 – every dollar will help spread the word in the critical battleground states.

We don’t have Wall Street CEO’s writing us $1 million checks.  Our goal right not is to get 100 people to give just $15/month.  Will you help us defeat Mitt Romney?