Mitt is Mean’s Neil McCarthy on The Leslie Marshall Radio Show

Shouldn’t a grown man know better!?

“This is what my 3 year-old twins set up this morning.  I asked why the dog was on top, and Brooke said that he didn’t fit in the van. 
I asked if the dog liked riding on top, and she said yes.  She also said that the cat and bunny liked riding atop the van (together). 
Again, she is 3, so doesn’t know any better.”              – Lisa Tomlinson, Mitt is Mean supporter


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Romney says he wouldn’t transport dog on roof again – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs

No apology, no remorse, just selfish regret….

When asked if he would transport a dog like that now, Mitt Romney said he would not.

“Certainly not with the attention its received,” Romney said.

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Romney fundraiser dogged by past | ohmidog!

Update on the breaking news on Nixon Aide and major Romney fundraiser Fred Malek 

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Former Nixon Aide Fred Malek to host a lavish fundraiser for Mitt Romney on wife Ann Romney‘s birthday. Malek  was once arrested in an incident involving the killing and barbecuing of a dog.

“Malek worked with the administrations of both Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush.  While in the Nixon administration, he compiled, at the president’s request, a list of Jews in the federal government. In 1988,  Malek resigned from the Republican National Committee over questions about his earlier role in President Nixon’s push to oust Jews from government positions.

Malek apologized and, as with the case of the cooked dog, denied playing a substantial role in the scheme.”

This man is disgusting, and to have Mitt Romney allow this guy to host a big fundraiser, on his wife’s birthday no less, shows that he puts  himself and his ambitions above the everday people and families of America. – Mimi

Mitt Gets $$$ from Nixon Aide Who Barbecued a Dog

Former Nixon Aide Fred Malek to host a lavish fundraiser for Mitt Romney on wife Ann Romney’s birthday. Malek  was once arrested in an incident involving the killing and barbecuing of a dog.

“I don’t think Mitt Romney is purposefully trying to do that, but I think he should more careful about who he aligns himself with,” [Scott] Crider [of Dogs Against Romney] says.

Brad Bannon, spokesman of the Super PAC Mitt is Mean, which also highlights Romney’s supposed cruelty toward dogs, says Romney’s cozy relationship with Malek is further evidence of the GOP candidate’s disregard for animals.

“I am surprised Gov. Romney is going to go to this fundraiser and get money from a guy who barbecued a dog, especially with Mitt Romney’s history with dogs. I was shocked and horrified,” Bannon says. “It illustrates Romney’s general indifference to people and to animals. He doesn’t care about poor people, he doesn’t care about his dog, he doesn’t care about what Fred Malek does to dogs, he is the classic cold blooded corporate raider. He just doesn’t care.”

The GOP Just Doesn’t Get It

The GOP Just Doesn’t Get It

Boston, MA-Republicans just don’t get it.

In an article which appeared in The Washington Examiner yesterday, Bryan York wrote that Republican strategists are dismissing the importance of Mitt Romney’s abuse of his dog, Seamus. Three out of five Americans live in households with pets and these animal lovers won’t forget Romney’s indifference to the suffering of his own dog.

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In 1983, the Romney family took a vacation and drove 12 hours to Canada from the Romney mansion in Massachusetts.  During the entire trip, the family’s Irish setter, Seamus was exiled to a crate strapped on top of the station wagon. When Seamus answered the call of nature and rained on the Romney parade, mean Mitt hosed the car and poor Seamus down.

Neil McCarthy, the President of Mitt is Mean asked “If Romney treats his own family pet like this, how you think he’ll treat people he doesn’t even know? Romney has already made it clear that he doesn’t care about the cares and concerns of poor people, homeowners and working families.”

Mitt is Mean is a group of animal lovers and pet owners who want to make the case against the cold blooded and calculating corporate CEO.  Scott Crider, Founder of Dogs against Romney and volunteer adviser to Mitt Is Mean said “Republicans don’t want to discuss “Crategate” because they know Romney’s treatment of Seamus is indefensible. It’s a crate which will live in infamy.”

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Mitt Romney just can’t outrun Seamus

The story of Seamus is still hounding Mitt Romney.

The cast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” gave White House campaign advisor David Axelrod an opportunity to yet again stir up the story of the Romney family dog being forced to ride on the roof of the family car in the 1980s.


After Axelrod defended Democrats’ commitment to focusing on “big things” during the election despite President Barack Obama’s attention to the word “marvelous” to jab Romney in a speech last week, co-host Joe Scarborough said “politics is a many-splendored thing.”

“When are you going to stop channeling Gail Collins and talking about that poor dog that was put on his roof? When are you gonna stop that, Axelrod?” Scarborough asked jokingly, referring to the New York Times columnist who has dredged up the distraught Irish setter many times in the paper.

“Well, I am a dog-lover,” Axelrod said.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski expressed her own sympathies with the long-dead pooch. “I am, too. I have a rescue. I would never put him on the roof of my car. Who would do that?”

“Well,” Axelrod said, sheepishly, “Mitt Romney.”

“I don’t want [reporter Mark] Halperin to say ‘You’re making the race about trivial things.’ I was asked a direct question, I gave you a direct answer,” Axelrod said.

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Even Pigs Ride Inside: Hogs Against Romney!

Even Pigs Ride Inside: Hogs Against Romney

Mitt Romney made his Irish Setter, Seamus, ride for 12-hours strapped on the roof of his station wagon – but even pigs get to ride inside.

Mitt is mean.


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Readers sound off on Mitt Romney – NY Daily News

Flushing: I will consider voting for Romney after he goes for a 12-hour ride tied to the roof of his car, much as his family’s dog once did during a family vacation. Ambrose J. Bono


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