This election is between a person who tied his dog to the car roof before driving hundreds of miles on a family vacation, and someone who would never think of doing that.

 Its a race between someone dedicated to taking care of himself versus someone who strives to take care of others. One man brilliantly provides his own safety net with money sequestered in Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts; the other provides social safety nets like FEMA, the Affordable Health Care Act, and auto industry rescues. Ultimately, the race is between someone who would happily tie 47% of Americans to the roof of his car and someone who wants those Americans to ride with him in his car.

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Will You Help?

Will you help educate the voters who will win this for President Obama?

Mitt is Mean PAC is the only political organization that has been endorsed by Dogs Against Romney that is legally able to spend money to do voter outreach.

Our mission is to educate the 8 million pet owning undecided swing state swing voters by means of effective advertising and voter contact.

The PR around the Seamus issue has been great, but still hasn’t broken through to non-political junkies.

Most people still haven’t heard about this and won’t unless we run a very targeted campaign to educate them.

We can’t do this with out money, and we have no billionaire backers. We only have you. 

Please chip in $3 0r $5 if you can to help get the message out to pet owning swing voters

Authors bite at Romney dog tale in new book

Even though he died in the 1990s, and the most famous incident involving him happened nearly three decades ago, satirists are still panting at the chance to chronicle the above-the-car adventures of Seamus the dog.

Now Mitt Romney’s canine companion is getting his own book.

Dog on the Roof!: On the Road With Mitt & the Mutt, by National Public Radio regulars and co-writers Bruce Kluger and David Slavin, is an illustrated tale about the 1983 Romney family road trip that the Republican presidential candidate simply hasn’t been able to put to bed.

As the endlessly repeated story goes, the former Massachusetts governor says he created a special carrier for his Irish Setter, Seamus, and placed it on top of his Chevy for a 650-mile road trip to Ontario.

The not-for-kids rhyming tome, illustrated by Colleen Clapp, is written from Seamus’s rooftop perspective, with the dog declaring early on, “I’m there on the lawn and then suddenly — poof! The next thing I know, I’m a dog on a roof!”

Another Seamus-ism: “Though Jesus (and Moses, and Buddha) may love you, the same can’t be said for the dog up above you!”

Fortunately, the book skimps on the details of when the furry family member became sick at some point during the travels, and the Romneys noticed some foul-looking stuff coming down the sides of their vehicle.

The authors, the scribes behind other satires on former President George W. Bush and ex-Vice President Dick Cheney, dedicated their latest work to New York Times writer Gail Collins, who has penned more than 50 columns on Seamus.

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Coming Next Week – We can’t wait! Seamus Inspires New Tale

WASHINGTON — The tale has inspired ample political commentary, and more than a few columns for the New York TimesGail Collins. Now, the story of Mitt Romney’s former dog Seamus could start becoming a profit-maker.

A new book, “Dog on the Roof! On the Road with Mitt and the Mutt,” is being released next month by the reputable publisher Simon and Schuster.

The book depicts the Romney family — using early photos of Mitt, his wife, Ann, and their five boys — crammed into a station wagon with a dog atop it. The family is shown driving to cities around the country as the authors use sing-song verse to lampoon Romney’s positions on immigration, gay rights, his ties to Wall Street — and the fact that he once drove to Canada with his dog in a container on top of the car.

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GOP Mean Machine Doubles Down on Mitt’s “Women & Children Last” Agenda

Boehner Will Try to Extend Bush Tax Cuts for Another Year

House Speaker John Boehner told CNBC that he would move legislation to extend the current tax rates for another year.

The so-called Bush tax cuts were extended once already but are due to expire at the end of the year.


Said Boehner: “The reason this isn’t permanent is that — and only for a year — is that we really do want to fix our tax code, both the corporate code and the personal code, bring down tax rates, get rid of all the excess deductions and credits and all the carve-outs and nonsense that we have in the code today.”

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You Can’t Strap The Big Dog to the Roof!

You Can’t Strap The Big Dog to the Roof!

Former President Bill Clinton warned Tuesday that a Romney presidency would be “calamitous for our country and the world.” “The Republican Congress and their nominee for President, Governor Romney, have adopted Europe’s economic policies,” Clinton charged.


“Their economic policy is austerity and unemployment now, and then a long-term budget that would explode the debt when the economy recovers so the interest rates would be so high, nobody would be able to do anything,” Clinton said.

via Clinton: Romney president ‘calamitous,’ Republican economics ‘crazy’ – ABC News.

Good Morning – Wag Wag

 “If you’re worried about making a lot of money for investors,

you’re missing what this job is about.” – President Barack Obama

The Wednesday Woof

Even Lucy knows that Mitt is Mean!

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We don’t have Wall Street CEOs writing us $5 or $10 million checks!

Please consider contributing…

Every $5 or $15 or $25 help ensure Mitt’s defeat

Mean Mitt Gets Hit in Doonesbury Strip

We don’t have Wall Street CEOs writing us $5 or $10 million checks!

Please consider contributing…

Every $5 or $15 or $25 help ensure Mitt’s defeat

Happy Monday – Woof!

We don’t have Wall Street CEOs writing us $5 or $10 million checks!

Please consider contributing…

Every $5 or $15 or $25 help ensure Mitt’s defeat