Romney’s treatment of Seamus: campaign baggage he can’t put on the roof

“Romney judgment is doggone scary”

Romney judgment is doggone scary | Statesman Journal |

I guess Gov. Romney didn’t want to chance his Louis Vuitton luggage flying off the roof and getting trashed. I can relate. I once had a sofa and chair reupholstered and the man who did it insisted on tying them down in the pickup himself because, as he put it, “that’s the way we do it in the business.”After 35 seconds on the freeway, the chair flew off and an 18-wheeler carrying Lane cedar chests from North Carolina squashed it like a bug on a windshield. That’s when furniture was actually made here in the USA. Remember those days?Mitt Romney was lucky Seamus didn’t fly off the roof or at least bite him on the posterior. I understand the dog would later run away. I would too if some fool strapped me to the top of a car.This man’s judgment scares me. Like Bush, he’s just a rich frat boy who’s had everything in life except the presidency — which remains on his wish list.And then there are those Swiss and Grand Cayman Island offshore bank accounts. Is this another sign of Gov. Romney’s patriotism?

via Romney judgment is doggone scary | Statesman Journal |

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