Shouldn’t a grown man know better!?

“This is what my 3 year-old twins set up this morning.  I asked why the dog was on top, and Brooke said that he didn’t fit in the van. 
I asked if the dog liked riding on top, and she said yes.  She also said that the cat and bunny liked riding atop the van (together). 
Again, she is 3, so doesn’t know any better.”              – Lisa Tomlinson, Mitt is Mean supporter


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Listen to Mitt is Mean’s Neil McCarthy tonight on the Leslie Marshall Show.

Listen live to Neil McCarthy of the Mitt is Mean, The Animal Lovers Against Romney Committee , on the Leslie Marshall Show.

To send  questions for Neil,  contact the  show at  @LeslieMarshall or Click Here for FACEBOOK – use #mittismean, or call 888-6LESLIE to chat with Neil and Leslie on the air.

He will be on tonight from 8:30 to 9:00 PM Eastern. Animal lovers can listen to Neil discuss National Pet Week and Mitt’s treatment of poor Seamus on live streaming audio at

Listen live to Neil McCarthy of Mitt is Mean on the Leslie Marshall Show.

Listen live to Neil McCarthy of the Mitt is Mean, The Animal Lovers Against Romney Committee , on the Leslie Marshall Show.

He will be on tomorrow, Friday May 4th, from 8:30 to 9:00 PM Eastern. Animal lovers can listen to Neil discuss National Pet Week and Mitt’s treatment of poor Seamus on live streaming audio at

To send  questions for Neil,  contact the  show at  @LeslieMarshall or Click Here for FACEBOOK – use #mittismean.

or call 888-6LESLIE to chat with Neil and Leslie on the air.

Here’s a bone – good dog!

” The continuing saga of Seamus Romney “

Romney’s reaction perplexes me. For five years, Romney has defended his decision. Tellingly, the title of his most recent book is “No Apology.” I won’t demand an apology from Mitt.


I don’t believe in forcing people to give half-hearted mea culpas. It’s insincere and sets a bad precedent. And Seamus wouldn’t have understood anyway. 

via House of Burgess: The continuing saga of Seamus Romney » Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana.


Mean Mitt, Severely Conservative. 

Mitt Romney Heckled Over Dog-On-Roof Story – The Huffington Post

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney can’t even grab some pizzas without being reminded of how he treated his dog nearly 30 years ago.

As Romney exited Joe’s Pizza carrying a stack of pizza boxes in New York City on Tuesday, somebody on the sidewalk shouted, “Just don’t put ’em on the roof of the car,” according to a tweet from Reuters reporter Sam Youngman.

In 1983, the Romneys embarked on a 12-hour drive from Massachusetts to Canada. Since there wasn’t enough room in the car for the family dog, Seamus, Romney put the Irish Setter in a crate fastened to the roof of the car. Though Romney has said Seamus loved roof rides, during this particular trip the dog suffered a bout of diarrhea that forced Romney to pull over and hose off the car.

Dog lovers have protested Romney over “Crate-Gate” ever since the Boston Globe first reported it in 2007. Romney said last month that he wouldn’t do it again because of all the attention it received.

Campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul tweeted a photo of Romney carrying the pizzas.

via Mitt Romney Heckled Over Dog-On-Roof Story – The Huffington Post.

“Just don’t put ’em on the roof of the car.” We Love NY!!

Mitt Romney — accompanied by the former mayor of the city, and America, Rudy Giuliani — visited a firehouse and brought some pies to New York’s bravest.

Picture of the Day: Mitt Romney, Pizza Man - David A. Graham - Politics - The Atlantic

Here’s Romney carrying the pizzas into the station. After he picked them up at Joe’s on Carmine Street (way better than Papa John’s), according to Reuters’ Sam Youngman, a wisecracker shouted, “Just don’t put ’em on the roof of the car.”

via Picture of the Day: Mitt Romney, Pizza Man – David A. Graham – Politics – The Atlantic.

Seamus Story Needs To Get Out!

How to Raise the Seamus Story

First Read: “Don’t overlook the fact that the White House used the opportunity of the White House Correspondents Dinner — when they knew they’d get lighter coverage for what they did – put a story that they’ve struggled to put into the mainstream, quietly trying to do for months, the Seamus story. It was frankly a way to get Seamus out there.

Yes, Obama made fun of himself and eating dog, but they’ll take that to get the Seamus story mainlined; They’ve been trying for months.”

via How to Raise the Seamus Story.


Dancing Horses!?

Mitt Romney cares more about his eight multimillion dollar

horses than he did for his dog, poor old Seamus!

Mitt Romney's Dog and Horse Problem

Dancing “Dressage” Horse

The Romneys own a herd of dancing horses, competitive dancing horses (not just regular, run of the mill stallions, or even just derby racing horses.

Most Americans do not have the choice or the financially stability to own a horse, while the Romney family owes eight. Dressage horses can come with six-figure price tags that require sponsors like the Romneys to pay for veterinarian visits, care and support staff, and insurance. They also cover the enormous burden of paying for the animal’s transport so it can attend in dressage competitions further away. 

According to Kenneth J. Braddick, a dressage enthusiast, “it runs thousands of dollars a month to maintain.” The sponsors, including the Romneys financially look after these horses like one would a professional human athlete; complete with a farrier, chiropractor, and even masseuse for the horses.

Mitt Romney on one of his “dancing horses”

via Mitt Romney’s Dog and Horse Problem.

28 More Years! (Dog Years…)

Watch President Obama nail it at the 2012 White House Corespondents Dinner

28 More Years!

Mitt Is Mean Chairman Neil McCarthy featured on

“Mitt Is Mean” Super PAC: Neil McCarthy Defends Dogs & People

Neil McCarthy & French, his blind rescue dog

April 28, 2012


By anyone’s measure, Neil McCarthy is a successful guy. A Yale-educated lawyer, onetime candidate for Congress and former executive vice-chair of the New York State Democratic Party, Neil still identifies with the stratum of society he was born into: the middle-income middle class.

That huge group of Americans is in danger of losing even more economic ground if Mitt Romney is elected president this November, says Neil. That’s why he’s now the chairman of Mitt Is Mean, a super PAC founded just over a month ago to raise $1 million from animal lovers who want to defeat Romney. Mitt Is Mean will use the funds to make videos and show them in swing states, in an effort to alert people to Mitt Romney’s callous and uncaring nature.

Yes, the name of the super PAC owes something to the efforts of Scott Crider, who sells t-shirts, bumper stickers and other items bearing the slogan “Mitt Is Mean” on his website, Scott is a volunteer advisor to Mitt Is Mean.

Lighthearted though its name may be, Neil McCarthy is completely serious about the super PAC’s purpose. And he regards the story of Mitt Romney’s 1983 12-hour drive to Canada with the family dog, Seamus, confined to a kennel strapped to the roof of the car, as more than just a weird and attention-grabbing story.

“It’s a window onto Mitt Romney’s soul,” Neil said. “The guy really has no sensibility, no heart, no compassion.”

Neil and Mitt Is Mean cofounders Brad Bannon, Martin Dunleavy and Bob McDevitt  decided to form a super PAC because they all feel that “the character a candidate possesses tells you the nature of the policies they will pursue,” Neil said. Anyone who can treat a dog as Mitt Romney treated Seamus is unfit to lead the nation, they conclude.

“It tells you that if he were to become President of the United States, he would take Paul Ryan’s budget and try to pass it, get rid of Obamacare with nothing to take its place,” Neil said. “Mitt thinks that the same people who tanked our economy are the folks who should be running the world. I am not willing to give him the keys to the car that is the American economy, strap the middle class – the working class – to the roof of the car, and drive us all off a cliff.”

Neil is a persuasive guy who convinced one very special Republican to switch sides – his wife, Debbie. The couple met in 1992, when Debbie was working as the legislative director for the Republican U.S. congressman Neil was running against. Neil doesn’t claim he persuaded her all by himself – it was George W. Bush’s decision to block stem cell research that caused her to switch sides, he says.

That decision was made to please the far right, ignoring the desperate need of many people whose diseases could be cured through stem cell research. In much the same vein, Mitt Romney has shifted from positions Neil says most Americans regard as reasonable to stances calculated to please Republicans. Now, he says, it’s time to appeal to people’s compassion, and ask everyone to do what they can to prevent Mitt Romney from winning the White House.

McCarthy family pets French, a blind shih-tzu, and Mrs. Beasley, the cat, live together amicably.

Love and compassion for animals crosses party lines, and Neil is certain that spreading the story of Seamus will help win many people over to voting against Romney, and even to donating for the cause.

“I’ve told this story to many people over the last six months, and 1,000 palms have smacked 1,000 foreheads in disbelief,” he said. Because Neil speaks with people across the political spectrum, he’s certain at least a good proportion of those he’s related Seamus’ story to  are either independent voters or Republicans. Love and concern for animals is no respecter of party lines.

Spreading the word in swing states during the runup to the election will be effective, Neil says. “This episode [Seamus on the roof] is a good handle for explaining to people who Romney is, and for energizing people who love their pets, and would never do to them what Romney did to his. We’ll get out there and make sure the disaster that would be the Romney presidency will never come to pass.”

Neil credits New York Times columnist Gail Collins with making sure the story of Seamus – first surfaced in a 2007 Boston Globe story – doesn’t go away. “I love her,” says Neil, comparing her with Maureen Dowd, another New York Times columnist whose work he enjoys. “Their styles are similar – they both have a real nose for irony, and they’re funny.”

Interested in contributing to Mitt Is Mean? You can: click here.

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