This election is between a person who tied his dog to the car roof before driving hundreds of miles on a family vacation, and someone who would never think of doing that.

 Its a race between someone dedicated to taking care of himself versus someone who strives to take care of others. One man brilliantly provides his own safety net with money sequestered in Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts; the other provides social safety nets like FEMA, the Affordable Health Care Act, and auto industry rescues. Ultimately, the race is between someone who would happily tie 47% of Americans to the roof of his car and someone who wants those Americans to ride with him in his car.

via Justin Frank: Wanting to Know… and Not.


Will You Help?

Will you help educate the voters who will win this for President Obama?

Mitt is Mean PAC is the only political organization that has been endorsed by Dogs Against Romney that is legally able to spend money to do voter outreach.

Our mission is to educate the 8 million pet owning undecided swing state swing voters by means of effective advertising and voter contact.

The PR around the Seamus issue has been great, but still hasn’t broken through to non-political junkies.

Most people still haven’t heard about this and won’t unless we run a very targeted campaign to educate them.

We can’t do this with out money, and we have no billionaire backers. We only have you. 

Please chip in $3 0r $5 if you can to help get the message out to pet owning swing voters

Election 2012 Will Come Down To Less Than 1 Million Voters

Dukais rode in the tank.

Bush told us to read his lips.

Kerry voted for it before he voted against it.

Romney drove 12 hours with his family pet on the roof of his car. 

There is no spin about it, no “tax rates” or “revenue estimates” or “policy differences.”  
This is a gut check issue, something everyday people know is just wrong.
Help us get the message out. Remember Seamus. 
  • The 8 million pet owning, swing state, swing voters will be the firewall against a Mitt Romney victory.
  • Only a very small fraction know the story of Seamus.
  • We need to raise $1,000,000 to get the message through to these folks

Will your donation make the difference?

We don’t have any millionaire or billionaire backers trying to buy the election – we only have you.

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“We can almost guarantee that 48 percent of each state’s voters will go for Obama, and another 48 percent will decide for Romney. And so the whole shootin’ match comes down to around 4 percent of the voters in six states.”

“I did the math so you won’t have to. Four percent of the presidential vote in Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, New Mexico, and Colorado is 916,643 people. That’s it. The American president will be selected by fewer than half the number of people who paid to get into a Houston Astros home game last year…”

                                                                                                                                                                                 —-Paul Begala

“What a president believes matters, and Mitt Romney believes in being mean to all things living”

“What a president believes matters. Mitt Romney’s companies were pioneers in outsourcing U.S. jobs to low wage countries. He supports tax breaks for companies that shift jobs overseas. President Obama believes in insourcing. He fought to save the U.S auto industry and favors tax cuts for companies that bring jobs home. Outsourcing versus insourcing. It matters.”

via The Morning Plum: No letting up on Bain – The Plum Line – The Washington Post.

Mitt’s Poor Billionaire Friends Don’t Like Questions….

Big Political Donors Shy Away From Public Scrutiny : NPR

Several dozen wealthy donors have taken advantage of this post-Citizens United world, writing seven-figure checks to political superPACs.

Yet it seems there’s something wealthy donors weren’t counting on when they wrote those checks — attracting attention, including from the political opposition and the media.

“There’s been a ton of so-called electronic media journalists that have lodged all kinds of innuendo in my direction, accused me of all kinds of bad things,” says Frank VanderSloot, who wrote checks totaling $1 million to Restore Our Future, the superPAC supporting GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The money came through his company, Melaleuca, which uses Amway-style marketing to sell cleaning products.

Any superPAC donor who gives more than $200 has to be reported to the Federal Election Commission, and that information is released to the public. That’s how journalists found out about VanderSloot’s donation and began looking into him.

That’s how President Obama’s campaign got VanderSloot’s name, too. On a website called Keeping GOP Honest, the Obama campaign posted a list of big donors to the pro-Romney superPAC, including VanderSloot.

VanderSloot told Fox News he was taken by surprise: “That really worried me at first, I’ll tell you, and my first anticipation was that, ‘Yeah, I’ve got a target strapped on my back.’ And sure enough, then the attacks started coming, and I really thought I’d made a mistake.”

via Big Political Donors Shy Away From Public Scrutiny : NPR.

Warning: Billionaire Republicans Dangerous to Americans Health

English: Photo of Sheldon Adelson, chairman of...

English: Photo of Sheldon Adelson, chairman of Las Vegas Sands and Hong Kong-listed subsidiary Sands China. Photo taken 19 June 2010 in Hong Kong at a press conference held at the Four Seasons Hotel, following China Sands AGM. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Adelson’s Donations Could Be “Limitless”

A well-placed source in the Sheldon Adelson camp tells Forbes that further donations from the casino billionaire to Super PACs supporting Mitt Romney will be “limitless.”

The source says Adelson will do “whatever it takes” to defeat President Obama and that “no price is too high” to protect the U.S. from what he sees as Obama’s “socialization” of America.

via Adelson’s Donations Could Be “Limitless”.

Wednesday Woof – Great Pic!

Public Starting To Recognize The GOP’s “American Families Last” Power & Profit Agenda

Nearly Half Think GOP Stalling Economic Recovery

A new DailyKos/SEIU/PPP poll finds that 49% of registered voters nationwide think Republicans are “intentionally stalling efforts to jumpstart the economy” to ensure President Obama’s defeat for re-election.

via Nearly Half Think GOP Stalling Economic Recovery.

Mitt Romney: Bad For Massachusetts, Bad For Animals, Bad For America

You Can’t Strap The Big Dog to the Roof!

You Can’t Strap The Big Dog to the Roof!

Former President Bill Clinton warned Tuesday that a Romney presidency would be “calamitous for our country and the world.” “The Republican Congress and their nominee for President, Governor Romney, have adopted Europe’s economic policies,” Clinton charged.


“Their economic policy is austerity and unemployment now, and then a long-term budget that would explode the debt when the economy recovers so the interest rates would be so high, nobody would be able to do anything,” Clinton said.

via Clinton: Romney president ‘calamitous,’ Republican economics ‘crazy’ – ABC News.