Mitt Romney: Bad For Massachusetts, Bad For Animals, Bad For America


Biden Blasts the Bain Bully

“Middle class Joe” goes after Mean Mitt

KEENE, N.H. – As President Obama’s campaign continues to face criticism for its attacks on Mitt Romney’s history at Bain Capital, Vice President Joe Biden  made clear that he’s happy to be the designated hitter.

Casting himself as “Middle Class Joe” in a speech to 450 people at Keene State College in New Hampshire, Biden used layman’s terms to argue that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s private equity experience “no more qualifies you to be president than being a plumber.”

Biden called “totally legitimate” attacks on Romney’s previous employment at Bain, in light of complaints from both sides Republicans and Democrats that the topic isn’t fair game. “The fact of the matter is, when the company succeeds, they make money. When the company fails, they still make money – a lot of money,” Biden said. “Folks, making money for your investors – which Romney did very well – is not the president’s job.”

Amid signs touting the campaign slogan “Forward” scattered throughout the student center where he spoke, Biden also criticized the former Massachusetts governor for failing to come up with original ideas. “To paraphrase President Clinton,” Biden said, Romney “doesn’t want to just go back to the old administration. He wants to do it on steroids.”

Romney “is starting to sound like the horse that just won the Preakness – ‘I’ll Have Another’ – except the horse is a real winner!” the vice president joked.

But even as he tried to paint himself in contrast to Romney as “Middle Class Joe… who climbed out of a Scranton, Pennsylvania coal mine with a lunch bucket in his hand,” Biden said, he admitted that “I do very well – you pay me a lot of money [as vice president] … and I have a beautiful house.” Biden lives in the official vice presidential residence on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.

Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul issued a statement slamming Biden’s claim that the economy is recovering under the Obama administration: “He must not be talking to the millions of Americans who are suffering from declining incomes, fewer jobs, and skyrocketing household costs in the Obama economy,” she said.;contentBody

Mitt’s Greatest Hits: $1500 is Pocket Change for the Bain Bully

$1500 is Pocket Change for the Bain Bully but It’s

Big Money for Working Families

Mitt Romney calls Obama‘s $1,500 payroll tax cut “temporary little band aids.” “I don’t like temporary little Band-Aids, I want to fundamentally restructure America’s foundation economically.”

Mitt is Mean’s Brad Bannon: Obama Has Right to Question Romney Business Credentials

Obama Has a Right to Question Romney’s Business Credentials – Brad Bannon

Karl Rove believes the best way to damage a candidacy is to undermine the candidate’s strength. Mitt Romney is running as the guy with the experience to fix the economy. Making the sale against the bully from Bain is the best way to undermine Romney’s campaign. Democrats learned this lesson the hard way in 2004 when the Swift Boat Veterans destroyed the military credentials that were a big part of Jon Kerry’s campaign.

Voters don’t want a cold, calculating corporate CEO running the economy. Like a lot of other “corporate vultures” (Rick Perry’s words), Mitt made a mint shutting down companies, laying off hard-working employees, and sending American jobs to other countries. America needs more jobs, not fewer of them.

Mitt Romney’s version of cold-blooded capitalism won’t fly with the working families who are teetering at the edge of economic oblivion after decades of downsizing and income stagnation. A few guys like Romney and his banker buddies on Wall Street made fortunes as corporate pirates while worker productivity increased and wages declined. Americans won’t buy the Romney model as a way to fix an ailing economy.

While I’m on the subject, I disagree with Cory Booker’s critique of the validity of the issue. Romney’s record at Bain is fair game. He is running on his record as businessman. Americans have the right to hear the evidence and judge for themselves whether the Bain capitalist helped or hurt the economy while he ran the company.

via Obama Has a Right to Question Romney’s Business Credentials | Debate Club | US News Opinion.

Sad Saga of Mean Mitt Continues in Doonesbury

There is something that we and Rick Perry agree on…

There is something that we and Rick Perry agree on.

Mean Mitt is a “corporate vulture.”

We don’t have Wall Street CEOs writing us $5 or $10 million checks!

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How Mean is Mean? Just ask these people who lost their jobs

Is Mitt Mean?

Just ask the 200 people who lost their jobs, when Mean Mitt closed down SCM office supplies.

Back in 1992, Bain acquired a manufacturer called American Pad & Paper, or Ampad. Bain then used Ampad as a vehicle to buy and restructure similar companies. Following standard “roll-up” strategy, Bain closed factories and laid off workers in anticipation of selling off a leaner, more profitable company via an initial public stock offering.

Bain-owned American Pad & Paper bought SCM in 1994, only to cut wages and benefits before closing the Marion plant a year later. Over 200 workers lost their job.
By 2000, Ampad itself was declaring bankruptcy, while the Romney-led Bain and its investors had reaped over $100 million in profits.
“To me, Mitt Romney takes from the poor and the middle-class and gives to the rich,” one former SCM employee

Two years into the roll up, Bain had Ampad acquire an office supplies plant in Marion, Ind., a manufacturing town 70 miles northeast of Indianapolis. At the time, Johnson worked the night shift making hanging files. “We come back from the July 4th holiday, and this is what we find posted,” Johnson says, producing from the Romney box a one-page notice: “As of 3 p.m. today, July 5, 1994, your employment with SCM Office Supplies Inc. will end.” Most of the 258 employees were allowed to reapply for jobs at reduced wages and benefits. Johnson’s pay fell 22 percent, he says, from $10.05 an hour to $7.88. Dismayed to see their old union contract torn up, the Marion workers negotiated with Ampad management for several months, then called a risky strike. In early 1995, Ampad called the union’s bluff, closed the plant, and laid off the remaining workers.

“None of what happened in Marion in the 1990s would be very interesting,” Johnson notes, “if Mitt Romney had not built his entire political career on the claim that he’s a job creator.”

via Mitt Romney’s Box of Kryptonite – Businessweek.

We don’t have Wall Street CEOs writing us $5 or $10 million checks!

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Every $5 or $15 or $25 help ensure Mitt’s defeat

Brad Bannon Blasts Bain Bully on Leslie Marshall Show.


We don’t have Wall Street CEOs writing us $5 or $10 million checks!

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Every $5 or $15 or $25 help ensure Mitt’s defeat

Mean Mitt’s slash and burn $$$ tactics

“Mitt Romney’s slash and burn money making tactics as a Bain capitalist are the actions of a mean spirited bully who will step on anybody to make a few extra bucks. Romney’s business career was a prelude to his support for the Ryan budget which preserves federal freebies for big businesses and cuts funding for prenatal care, school lunches and health insurance for kids.” Brad Bannon from Politico 5/15/12

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