This election is between a person who tied his dog to the car roof before driving hundreds of miles on a family vacation, and someone who would never think of doing that.

 Its a race between someone dedicated to taking care of himself versus someone who strives to take care of others. One man brilliantly provides his own safety net with money sequestered in Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts; the other provides social safety nets like FEMA, the Affordable Health Care Act, and auto industry rescues. Ultimately, the race is between someone who would happily tie 47% of Americans to the roof of his car and someone who wants those Americans to ride with him in his car.

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Q. Who would you trust to dog sit?

A. Not Mitt Romney!

A new Esquire/Yahoo! News poll finds that Americans would trust President Obama more to look after their dog when they’re out of town than Mitt Romney, 52% to 27%.

We agree – WOOF!

Esquire Yahoo Poll – Full Results of Esquire Yahoo News Election Poll – Esquire.

Why Vote for Obama? Our Dogs Will Be Safe

Perhaps no other reason to vote for Obama is more important than this one, according to my basset hound, Rusty. We have had many long chats about this topic, while he lies on the couch wait, what are you doing on the couch! and I outline my rationales for the presidents reelection. “But what about the dogs?” Rusty howls. “What about us?” Hes petrified.And with good reason. By now, everybody knows the story. Mitt Romney, during a family vacation, strapped his dog, Seamus, to the roof of his car during a twelve-hour drive to Canada. The Irish setter got sick during the ride on top of a faux-wood paneled station wagon. Mittens stopped the car, cleaned up the dog, strapped him back up on top and kept moving.”Dogs Arent Luggage” T-shirts and bumper stickers are everywhere. “Dogs Against Romney” has over sixty thousand Likes on Facebook and a website, complete with buttons and magnets. Theyve even formed a Dogs Against Romney super PAC and organized a sister division, Horses Against Romney. Animal rights activists protested outside the Westminster dog show in February.Even a rival Republican strategist remarked, “Quite frankly, Im not sure Im going to listen to the value judgment of a guy who strapped his dog to the top of the roof of his car and went hurling down the highway.”Rusty has already organized the Manhattan chapter of “Dogs for Obama,” which meets weekly at the Washington Square dog park in the West Village. Hes even organized a Bone-Raiser and extended an invitation to Bo, the First Dog, who he hopes will be the main barker for the event.

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Ya think??? “Why the Seamus Story Has Legs “

Social scientists caution against using anecdotes as master keys to behavior. Most psychologists are skeptical of durable character traits — the “fundamental attribution error” — regarding behavior as dependent on circumstances. My friend the sociologist Gary Fine has studied the reputations of political actors in a brilliant paper, “Tricky Dick and Slick Willy,” concluding that “hatred facilitates scandal rather than scandal causing hatred.” This is equally applicable today, he has confirmed to me in an e-mail.

The odds against Mitt Romney are now over 80-20, according to the Iowa Prediction Markets, probably the best single indicator of how the election will go. Those of London bookmakers are comparable. Part of the reason may be rising house and stock prices, part may be fears about Medicare, but neither fully explains Romney’s lag.

The central problem may be that, unlike many other political tales, the Seamus episode  evokes a vivid and concrete mental picture ready-made for cartoons like the recent one by the Washington Post’s Tom Toles. Romney’s harassment of a gay prep school classmate in 1965 (sadly routine juvenile cruelty?) and his leaked speech to a donors meeting appearing to dismiss 47 percent of the population as moochers (normal, private rich-guy talk?) can be made to seem, respectively, an ominous portent and a confirmation of callousness.

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Remembering Seamus – Ron Fisher


Republished from the Ashville, NC Citizen-Times


The story about the Romney family dog Seamus and his placement on the roof of their car during a family outing is more than just an amusing tale about a poor dog’s predicament while traveling to Canada with his owners. Actually, it tells us a great deal about how Mr. Romney looks upon the weaker, frailer and “less important.” It shows us very clearly that he treats those he believes are inferior to his closest associates in a manner most would agree is not equal. He has been quoted as stating that the unfortunate dog’s situation was not a big deal. In fact it was his opinion that Seamus enjoyed it. The frightening part of that explanation is that Mr. Romney really believes that. At his core, Mr. Romney feels that by allowing Seamus to come along with him for the trip, even though he was placed in a cage on the roof, the dog should somehow be grateful and appreciative. Seamus shouldn’t expect to be allowed directly in the vehicle with the closer and more important family members. After all, he’s just a dog.


I believe this is how Mr. Romney views his policies on the treatment of others who are not part of his close circle of friends. The poor have their food stamps and housing assistance. The elderly and disabled have their Social Security and Medicare. Women have their husbands. Students have their parents. And Mr. Romney is helping pay for all of this. They should be happy for what they have and should be thanking him. If they’ll just vote for him to be in power so that the wealthy elite can pay fewer taxes and get much richer, he promises to allow for some of that to trickle down. He’ll bring us all along with him on his ride. We just might have to ride on the roof in a cage. What most people don’t realize is how the story about Seamus ends. Seamus ran away at the end of that trip.


Two people removed from RNC after taunting black camera operator

This is nuts…


CNN reports that two people were removed from the Republican National Convention yesterday after they threw nuts at an African-American CNN camera operator and said, “This is how we feed animals.”

Two people removed from RNC after taunting black camera operator – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs.

These guys wouldn’t tell the truth to their own grandmothers…

Ryan says incomes went down nationally under Obama but went up in Massachusetts when Romney was governorShare this story:After distractions over social issues and tax returns dominated the run-up to the GOP convention, Paul Ryan put the focus back on Americans’ pocketbooks at a send-off rally in his hometown.”Household income in America has gone down for families an average of $4,000 in the last four years,” Ryan said in Janesville, Wis., on Aug. 27, 2012. “When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, unemployment went down and household incomes went up $5,000.”

via PolitiFact | Ryan says incomes went down nationally under Obama but went up in Massachusetts when Romney was governor.

Get Your New “Severely Conservative ” Bumper Stickers!


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Here comes the Big Dog – “Clear Choice”


BREAKING: Obama hits Romney on Seamus –

Obama hits Romney on Seamus –


OSKALOOSA, Iowa — President Obama strayed from his prepared remarks here Tuesday to get in a jab at Mitt Romney’s famous dog-on-top-of-car moment.

Noting that the Republican candidate has criticized wind energy, saying a windmill can’t be put on top of a car to power it, Obama had a zinger.

“I don’t know if he’s actually tried that,” Obama said. “I know he’s had other things on his car.”

Decades ago, Romney put his family’s dog, Seamus, in a carrier on the roof of their station wagon for a trip to Canada. The incident was the source of much mockery during the Republican primaries and, apparently, in the general election.