Remembering Seamus – Ron Fisher


Republished from the Ashville, NC Citizen-Times


The story about the Romney family dog Seamus and his placement on the roof of their car during a family outing is more than just an amusing tale about a poor dog’s predicament while traveling to Canada with his owners. Actually, it tells us a great deal about how Mr. Romney looks upon the weaker, frailer and “less important.” It shows us very clearly that he treats those he believes are inferior to his closest associates in a manner most would agree is not equal. He has been quoted as stating that the unfortunate dog’s situation was not a big deal. In fact it was his opinion that Seamus enjoyed it. The frightening part of that explanation is that Mr. Romney really believes that. At his core, Mr. Romney feels that by allowing Seamus to come along with him for the trip, even though he was placed in a cage on the roof, the dog should somehow be grateful and appreciative. Seamus shouldn’t expect to be allowed directly in the vehicle with the closer and more important family members. After all, he’s just a dog.


I believe this is how Mr. Romney views his policies on the treatment of others who are not part of his close circle of friends. The poor have their food stamps and housing assistance. The elderly and disabled have their Social Security and Medicare. Women have their husbands. Students have their parents. And Mr. Romney is helping pay for all of this. They should be happy for what they have and should be thanking him. If they’ll just vote for him to be in power so that the wealthy elite can pay fewer taxes and get much richer, he promises to allow for some of that to trickle down. He’ll bring us all along with him on his ride. We just might have to ride on the roof in a cage. What most people don’t realize is how the story about Seamus ends. Seamus ran away at the end of that trip.