The Romney’s Appalling Record of Animal Abuse

From our friends at Dogs Against Romney:

The Romney’s Appalling Record of Animal Abuse

First there was Seamus, the poor Irish Setter the Romney’s strapped to the roof of their car (at least once) for a 12-hour drive to Canada – leaving him up there after he became ill and soiled himself and the car. Mitt Romney admits to merely hosing poor Seamus down and continuing the trip for hours more.

Now, its horses. A dressage horse named Super Hit, in particular, had the misfortune of falling into the cold, cruel hands of the Romneys. Super Hit, used by Ann Romney for her “therapeutic” hobby of performing dressage (horse ballet), was sold by the Romneys for $125,000 in 2008.

After the sale of Super Hit, the new owners soon discovered he was physically incapable of performing dressage. They consulted Dr. Stephen Soule, veterinarian for the United States Equestrian Team since 1978. Dr. Soule found that Super Hit, at the time he was sold by the Romneys, had a staggering amount of painkillers in his system.

“In my 38-years of practice, ” Dr. Soule wrote, “I have never come across a drug screen such as this where the horse has been administered so many different medications at the same time.”

The new owners sued Ann Romney and her trainers in 2010, claiming that Super Hit had a defect in one his feet and that the horse had been drugged with the massive amount of painkillers so that he could continue to perform, hiding his condition.

The Romney’s settled the case against Ann last September.

One thing you DON’T EVER want to be is an animal in the care of the Romneys. Another thing you DON’T EVER want to be is a human under the rule of the Romneys.

For complete details about this story, see Buzzfeed’s article, “Ann Romney’s High Horse.”

via Dogs Against Romney: The Romney’s Appalling Record of Animal Abuse.