Mean Mitt: Women & Children Last

As if we needed any more proof that Mitt Romney is bad for American pets, American families. and American jobs, senior Romney Advisor Eric Fehnrstrom makes clear that Romney stands with the extremist, ultra-conservative, GOP Mean Machine and their “women and children last” agenda.

Says Fehnrstrom of boss Mitt “He’s for the Ryan plan. He believes it goes in the right direction. … At least the Paul Ryan plan puts us on a path toward a balanced budget. It gets those annual deficits down, in a way that this president has been unable to do.’

The problem with that?

The Ryan plan will cut taxes on millionaires and billionaires, add trillions to the debt, and cut federal funding for prenatal care, school lunches and health insurance for children, and make huge cuts to food stamps, low-income housingPell Grants and aid to women and children.

 What’s more, over the next decade, he would cut more than $700 billion from Medicaid and convert the program into an underfunded block grant to the states.

The Ryan budget provide millionaires with an additional $265,000 in tax breaks, in addition to the $129,000from the Bush tax cuts.

The Bottom Line:

Taxes  go down for the millionaires and billionaires funding Mean Mitt’s campaign and the GOP Mean Machine political operations, and go up for ours and our neighbors families.

via Seriously, Romney Isn’t a Moderate.