Take Our Poll – Poetic Justice for Mean Mitt or Seamus’ Revenge?

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An anonymous hacker claimed to have broken into Mitt Romney’s personal e-mail account Tuesday, allegedly gaining access by guessing the answer to the security question, “What is your favorite pet?”

A tipster to Gawker bragged of the hack into the presumptive GOP nominee’s Hotmail and Dropbox accounts and claimed to have changed its password, but did not include any screen shots of the accounts’ content as proof.

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Gawker did not attempt to use the changed password to access the account — that could land the site in legal hot water — but it did alert the Romney campaign to the alleged hacker’s claim. There was no word whether the answer to the Romney pet question was “Seamus,” whose strapped-on-the-roof car ride on a family vacation has made Romney the target of outraged pet lovers.

via Have they no Seamus? Tipster claims hack of Romney email – latimes.com.