Mitt is Mean’s Brad Bannon: Obama Has Right to Question Romney Business Credentials

Obama Has a Right to Question Romney’s Business Credentials – Brad Bannon

Karl Rove believes the best way to damage a candidacy is to undermine the candidate’s strength. Mitt Romney is running as the guy with the experience to fix the economy. Making the sale against the bully from Bain is the best way to undermine Romney’s campaign. Democrats learned this lesson the hard way in 2004 when the Swift Boat Veterans destroyed the military credentials that were a big part of Jon Kerry’s campaign.

Voters don’t want a cold, calculating corporate CEO running the economy. Like a lot of other “corporate vultures” (Rick Perry’s words), Mitt made a mint shutting down companies, laying off hard-working employees, and sending American jobs to other countries. America needs more jobs, not fewer of them.

Mitt Romney’s version of cold-blooded capitalism won’t fly with the working families who are teetering at the edge of economic oblivion after decades of downsizing and income stagnation. A few guys like Romney and his banker buddies on Wall Street made fortunes as corporate pirates while worker productivity increased and wages declined. Americans won’t buy the Romney model as a way to fix an ailing economy.

While I’m on the subject, I disagree with Cory Booker’s critique of the validity of the issue. Romney’s record at Bain is fair game. He is running on his record as businessman. Americans have the right to hear the evidence and judge for themselves whether the Bain capitalist helped or hurt the economy while he ran the company.

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