Darth Vader Delivers $$$ for Mean Mitt and the Evil GOP Empire.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife to host fundraiser for Mitt Romney

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, will host a July fund-raiser for Mitt Romney at their home in Jackson Hole, Wyo., according to a save-the-date e-mail from the Romney campaign.

Mr. Cheney remains a polarizing figure for his outspoken belief in a robust American military presence abroad, his support for sweeping executive powers and his unapologetic advocacy of harsh interrogation methods, such as simulated drowning.

The fundraiser will have a tiered structure that allows big-dollar donors to dine with Cheney and the former Massachusetts governor for an additional cost, The Wall Street Journal reported. Members of Romney’s finance team have sent out emails to donors asking them to save the date.

Mr. Romney embraced “enhanced interrogation” repeatedly during his first presidential bid in 2008, particularly in “ticking time bomb” scenarios when American lives hang in the balance, but he made a point of saying he opposed anything defined as torture. The issue hasn’t reared its head as much in this campaign, but the presumptive GOP nominee went out of his way during a November debate to say he would make a distinction between crimes and acts of war, with separate repercussions for each instance.

The July 12 fund-raiser will be a tiered event, giving donors the chance to pay a little extra for the privilege of dining with Mr. Romney and the former vice president. The Romney campaign launched his Victory Fund last month to raise as much as $75,800 from individual donors by bundling contributions with the Republican National Committee and four state parties. http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2012/05/21/dick-cheney-to-raise-money-for-mitt-romney/

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