Brad Bannon on Mother’s Day with Mean Mitt – POLITICO.COM

What a way to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a budget resolution, HR 5652, that shows just how mean, Mitt Romney and his Republican budget buddies are to moms.

The mean-spirited Ryan budget, named after Romney’s budget buddy, Rep. Paul Ryan, would cut federal funding for prenatal care, school lunches and health insurance for children in order to maintain tax breaks for bankers and billionaires. The House budget is just another attempt by Mitt Romney and the GOP Mean Machine to brutalize working families, women and children in particular. It’s not a very nice way for the GOP to honor mothers just before their big day.

The GOP budget also maintains military spending even with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan winding down. The Romney/Ryan budget is a cruel, callous and calculated effort by Republicans to balance the budget on the backs of women and children without cutting corporate welfare for oil companies and defense contractors. If the Romney/Ryan budget was the Titanic, you would hear the cry “of women and children last.”

This budget is Mitt being mean to moms. It would cut taxes for Romney and his fellow millionaires but cut aid to kids. But what else can you expect from a man who put the family dog in a crate on top of his car for a 12 hour ride? Or from a guy who bullied his classmate because he might have been gay?

Nice guy, Mitt.

via Brad Bannon’s response to ‘Open Mike, May 12-13’ – The Arena | POLITICO.COM.