Mean to Pets, Mean to People and “Severely Conservative”

Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 057

Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 057 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mitt Romney’s Empathy Problem 

from The New Yorker

If it were just this incident, things might be different. Then we could dismiss it as a youthful indiscretion, just another of the standard outrage-baiting campaign moments we’ll all forget soon enough. But there’s a small string of these kinds of things now. We know that when he’s on the trail, Romney has a real problem connecting with ordinary people—or even just talking to them. We know about Seamus the dog, how Romney put him in a crate and strapped it to the roof of the family station wagon for hours of driving. We know that he’s said he likes being able to fire people.

via Mitt Romney’s Empathy Problem : The New Yorker.

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