Tell Mean Mitt and the GOP Mean Machine don’t let student loan interest rates go up! #dontdoublemyrate

Please tell Mean Mitt and the House GOP to reauthorize the

College Cost Reduction and Access Act  and keep student loan rates from doubling!


Call Mitt’s budget buddies  Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan and tell them to

reauthorize the College Cost Reduction and Access Act and raise taxes on bankers and billionaires instead!.

GOP Leader Eric Cantor (202) 225-4000

Tweet him  @EricCantor #dontdoublemyrate

Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (202) 225-3031 

Tweet him @RepPaulRyan #dontdoublemyrate

Watch Romney Tell Students To Go To A Cheaper College:

Mean Mitt , Severely Conservative. 

If president, Mitt will treat you like a dog. Just like his dog Seamus.  
Mitt is Mean and Severely Conservative.

Please contribute  $3 0r $5 if you can, to help get the message out to pet owning

battleground swing voters, a group that will make up several million voters.