Daily Treat….Go Bo!

The Obama campaign is putting the Nations First Dog, Bo Obama, on the campaign trail.


Over the past few weeks, the rhetoric exchanged between presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and President hoping to continue Barack Obama has heated up, an indication that were inching closer to the 2012 general election set for this November. With his presidential fate in the balance, Obama has enlisted the political assistance of an unlikely aid: his dog.Thats right: Bo Obama is hitting the campaign trail to help promote his fathers re-election cause. According to a story from the Washington Post, Bo Obama appears in a new political ad on Obamas campaign site urging pet owners to vote for him with copy reading, “Join Pet Lovers for Obama”.The suggestion of course is that if you love your pet, youll vote for President Obama in November.The ad looks to directly capitalize on the seemingly low regard in which some animal lovers hold his rival Mitt Romney, who found himself in hot water with animal activists after outrage over what weve dubbed the “Romney dog on roof” incident. The incident specifically pertains to a 20-year-old story regarding the Romney family dog, Seamus, who rode on the roof of the familys car for the duration of a 12-hour trip to Canada.

via Bo Obama Acts as Pitchman in New Political Ad for President Obama | Petside.