Dancing Horses!?

Mitt Romney cares more about his eight multimillion dollar

horses than he did for his dog, poor old Seamus!

Mitt Romney's Dog and Horse Problem

Dancing “Dressage” Horse

The Romneys own a herd of dancing horses, competitive dancing horses (not just regular, run of the mill stallions, or even just derby racing horses.

Most Americans do not have the choice or the financially stability to own a horse, while the Romney family owes eight. Dressage horses can come with six-figure price tags that require sponsors like the Romneys to pay for veterinarian visits, care and support staff, and insurance. They also cover the enormous burden of paying for the animal’s transport so it can attend in dressage competitions further away. 

According to Kenneth J. Braddick, a dressage enthusiast, “it runs thousands of dollars a month to maintain.” The sponsors, including the Romneys financially look after these horses like one would a professional human athlete; complete with a farrier, chiropractor, and even masseuse for the horses.

Mitt Romney on one of his “dancing horses”

via Mitt Romney’s Dog and Horse Problem.