Romney fundraiser dogged by past | ohmidog!

Update on the breaking news on Nixon Aide and major Romney fundraiser Fred Malek 

via Romney benefactor also dogged by past | ohmidog!.

Former Nixon Aide Fred Malek to host a lavish fundraiser for Mitt Romney on wife Ann Romney‘s birthday. Malek  was once arrested in an incident involving the killing and barbecuing of a dog.

“Malek worked with the administrations of both Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush.  While in the Nixon administration, he compiled, at the president’s request, a list of Jews in the federal government. In 1988,  Malek resigned from the Republican National Committee over questions about his earlier role in President Nixon’s push to oust Jews from government positions.

Malek apologized and, as with the case of the cooked dog, denied playing a substantial role in the scheme.”

This man is disgusting, and to have Mitt Romney allow this guy to host a big fundraiser, on his wife’s birthday no less, shows that he puts  himself and his ambitions above the everday people and families of America. – Mimi