Mitt Romney Fund-raiser Host Has Dog Problems,NY MAG

By now, everyone knows the story of Seamus, the Romney family dog that got strapped to roof of the family car, resulting in a million jokes and the seriously extensive Dogs Against Romney blog. They have another Romney-related canine bombshell this week about the hosts of Ann Romney’s birthday fund-raiser, via Jezebel:

On Monday, Romney will be the beneficiary of a fundraiser that is being hosted for him by Fred Malek. Who is Malek? He is the former President of Marriott Hotels and Northwest Airlines; former assistant to U.S. Presidents Richard Nixon and H.W. Bush; and former National Finance Committee Co-Chair for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Fred Malek is also part of a group of men who were arrested after killing and barbecuing a dog in a city park in Peoria, IL in 1959.

Malek and his buddies were reportedly drunk and covered in blood when police found them. Animal-cruelty charges were eventually dropped against Malek and all but one man, who “testified that he had struck and killed the dog with a piece of 2-by-4, and that he alone had skinned the animal and tried to cook it.” Malek was just 22 at the time — people change and he’s obviously come a long way — but try telling that to Gail Collins.

via Mitt Romney Fund-raiser Host Has Dog Problems, Too — Daily Intel.


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