MSNBC Guest Host Steps In It

Boston, MA-Michael Smerconish really stepped in it last night when he guest hosted MSNBC’s Hardball. He described Mitt Romney’s abuse of his dog, Seamus as “embarrassing.”  Embarrassing or cruel?  You decide for yourself.

You may have heard the story. In 1983, the Romney family took a vacation and drove 12 hours to Canada from the Romney mansion in Massachusetts. For the entire trip, the family’s Irish setter, Seamus was exiled to a crate strapped on top of the station wagon. When Seamus answered the call of nature and rained on the Romney parade, mean Mitt hosed the car and poor Seamus down.

Mitt is a mean dude. If Romney teats his own pet like this, how do you think he’ll treat you? Romney has already made it clear that he doesn’t care about the cares and concerns of poor people and working families.

Smerconish has his own pet. I just hope his dog fares better than poor old Seamus did.

Mitt is Mean is a group of animal lovers and pet owners who want to make the case against the coldblooded and calculating corporate CEO. We will fight a targeted online video campaign against Romney in the battleground states focused on Romney’s indifference to the suffering and pain of Seamus and working Americans.  Check us out at www.MittisMean.Org.


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