Dog Makes Romney Ride on Roof


The Daily Maul › Monday Maul: Dog Makes Romney Ride on Roof.

“…the Los Angeles Times reported last week that “a new ‘super PAC’ called [Mitt is Mean]‘Animal Lovers Against Romney’ will move forward with a single purpose: publicizing the story of Mitt Romney and how he treated his dog, Seamus. Bob McDevitt, the leader of the operation, has officially filed for the PAC’s creation, which already has a website and a $1-million budget.”

I’m certainly thrilled to see so much due attention focused on what I described in October 2011 as Romney’s “callous inhumanity.”

Still, I think the “vapid and desperate egomaniac” — to borrow once more from my commentary “Travels with Seamus: In Search of Romney’s Soul” — “should be strapped to the roof of his campaign bus and hosed down every time he soils his silk pants.”