Welcome to the PAC!

Mitt is Mean is a Political Action Committee dedicated to mobilizing the 8 Million Swing Voting Pet Owners that live in battleground states against Mitt Romney.

This election will be decided in only a few states, by a few percentage points.

Mitt is Mean will be the difference in the election.

We’ll be running a targeted campaign to reach pet owning voters when they’re making up their minds about this election, in their living rooms, at the kitchen table, and on their computers.

How can I help?

Join the Seamus Brigade!

We’ll be posting:

      • Mean Mitt’s public schedule so we can keep nipping at his heels around the country to make sure everyone who has ever owned a pet knows the story of Seamus.
      • Listings of dog shows, pet-related book signings, and other pet events so we can show up and bring more attention the the issue.
      • Fliers and materials to distribute at parks, dog parks, pet stores – anywhere pet loving people are!

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  •  The reality is that no matter how good a job we all do, we won’t be successful until everyone pet owning undecided voter in the battleground states know the story of Seamus.
  •  We’ll need to get in their homes, living rooms, and on their computers during the last couple of weeks of the election to be effective.
  •    Every dollar is needed to communicate the message out effectively.

Please consider contributing  – every dollar counts. You can even give on a monthly basis.

Read the Dogs Against Romney endorsement!


16 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Hi Kay – that’s for writing. That’s a great idea! We are getting up and running and hope to have the merchandise page up soon. Do you have any other suggestions? In the mean time, if you will consider contributing, it will go a long way to helping get the message out. Even if it’s just what you spent on pet food last month or the last time you went out to a movie…Thanks! Mimi

  1. Only worse car-and-dog incident was what Clark Griswold did to Aunt Edna’s dog. But that was just a movie, so it doesn’t really count.

  2. Mitt Romney Loves Pets
    (To the tune of “Home Home on the Range”)

    On my Etch-a-Sketch screen
    There’s a lovely scene
    Of Mitt Romney with family in tow
    On a vacation drive
    With his boys (there were five)
    To a lake up in Ontario

    Mitt Romney loves pets
    He’s an animal lover, you bet
    Seamus up on the roof
    In his crate howling woof
    Must have wished he was back at the vet

    When the space age was new
    Laika rode Sputnik Two
    One way travel was poor Laika’s fate
    But her flight’s been eclipsed
    By poor Seamus’s trip
    On the Romneymobile in a crate

    Mitt Romney loves pets
    He’s an animal lover, you bet
    Seamus up on the roof
    In his crate howling woof
    Must have wished he was back at the vet

    Our Republican foes
    Blame Barack for all woes
    Say he’s much too refined and aloof
    But I bet his dog Bo
    Rides in comfort below
    Not like poor Seamus up on the roof

    Mitt Romney loves pets
    He’s an animal lover, you bet
    If his family hound
    Got to vote, he’d astound
    For Obama, one hundred percent

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